MediaTek sells fast charging technology



The manufacturer has developed technology for mobile iron Pump Express Plus (PEP), which allows you to quickly recharge the battery of the smartphone.

MediaTek decided to keep up with Qualcomm’s technology with their fast charging QuickCharge and made a step towards improving the autonomy of mobile devices. With all the coolness and advanced technologies in smartphones and tablets of one of the biggest problems is a little battery life. Fast Charge Technology does not even solve the problem, but make it not so critical.

MediaTek sells fast charging technology

According to the manufacturer, the charging speed by using a special charger is increased by 45%. In this case, you can use two modes of fast charging: Turbo 1 with a voltage of 7 V  (1,67 A, 11,69 W) and Turbo 2 to 9 V  (1,67 A, 15,03 W). The second option allows to power the battery capacity of 2060 mAh at 75% for half an hour. Five minutes of charging will be enough to provide 2 hours of talk time.

The first platform that will support technology Pump Express Plus, will be  MT6595 and MT6732. The first and so far the only smartphone that has received fast charging – Chinese Koobee Halo 3. It is available for purchase only in the Middle Kingdom.

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