Meizu looked through to the US market

Each brand begins its journey locally, within individual countries. But in the end, they all seek to reach the world level. Global brands have more success and, consequently, a large profit. Meizu is a company that, like the majority, wants international recognition, but the company also knows how difficult it is to get into the international market.

Meizu looked through to the US market

In this regard, the herd is known that Meizu is eyeing the US market. Unfortunately, the Vice-President of the company Li Nan, who made the announcement, did not disclose any plans to date.

The only problem for us is that Meizu wants to provide a unique experience for its customers by selling smartphones directly, no deals with mobile operators.

This is a rather strange move, because companies such as LG and Samsung have received many benefits from the cooperation with T-Mobile, AT&T, Verizon and Sprint. We only need to observe the actions of the company to see if they have chosen the strategy successful.

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