Meizu offer to exchange OnePlus 2 Pro 5

Most Chinese smartphone manufacturers do not earn a lot on their devices, which causes them to sell their products in large quantities, if they want to get a substantial profit. It also means that most of these companies do not have a massive marketing budget, which is why they have to resort to viral campaigns that are spread by the users themselves.

Meizu offer to exchange OnePlus 2 Pro 5

The latest marketing gimmick Meizu – the proposal users OnePlus. The company offers OnePlus 2 owners fill in the questionnaire and win a chance to exchange their device Meizu Pro 5, which is the newest flagship Meizu and the first Pro line device.

In addition, the Meizu also launched a campaign against the OnePlus 2, accompanying their posts hashtag #TurnTheHeatOff. This is nothing more than a reference to the problem of overheating faced smartphone based on Snapdragon 810 processor.

Well, it’s quite an interesting move and we just have to wait, as it will react OnePlus.

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