Meizu prepare event for 19 December

During the year, almost every two months, a Chinese manufacturer Meizu has released the new smartphone. Now the network has a new teaser, which says that the company is preparing another surprise.

Meizu prepare event for 19 December

Today Meizu on his page on Weibo posted a teaser, pointing to the announcement that will take place on 19 December. But what could it be?

In China Meizu offers interesting deals for people that want to upgrade their smartphones, so the news could be related to the fact that this could be another special day sales.

We have heard rumors that Meizu is preparing to launch Meizu reduced the Pro 5, which will be equipped with 4.7-inch screen, as well as high-end specifications including processor Samsung Exynos.

It is highly probable that this is a teaser may be a hint at the date of the launch of the new smartphone.

However, it does not and should not exclude the possibility that Meizu will present some other devices, including headsets, the new smart home, or something completely new.

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