Meizu Pro Mini 5 will not be released

If you expect the compact flagship Meizu, which must receive the name Meizu Pro 5 Mini, then have to disappoint you.

Meizu Pro Mini 5 will not be released

According to new information, the Meizu is actually going to release a flagship phone with a smaller form factor, but now these plans are canceled.

Why? The Meizu claim that their alleged shipments in Taiwan affected by the recent earthquake, and the stocks that they planned to use were damaged.

Meizu Pro Mini 5 will not be released

Problems with the release of Pro Mini 5 dolgogoe there is enough time so that Meizu just decided to abandon the idea.

Now apparently, the Meizu will focus on what they have learned, while continuing to develop its flagship line of MX and the next smartphone Meizu MX6.

It sounds a bit sad, because the idea of ​​a small smartphone with the productive characteristics of the rather popular among the users.

Of course, the Meizu might find another supplier of screens, but this would mean that the quality of the smartphone would be different from Pro 5, the making of the Mini does not compact version, and most other smartphone.

So while we do not look for the release of the Meizu 5 Pro Mini, but we know that Pro 6 is currently under development, and who knows, maybe we’ll get Pro 6 instead of Mini.

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