Microsoft & laquo; Sonnecting people & raquo ;. The absorption of the legendary Nokia



Microsoft has announced its intention to acquire a division of the Finnish company Nokia. As Reuters reports, the transaction amount will be $ 7.2 billion. The exact date of purchase is not made public, however,  The transaction is expected to be held in the first quarter of 2014. Now, Microsoft, under the terms of the transaction, will receive the right to use the company’s patents and the production of mobile devices.

In Microsoft messages we have heard that the company is not going to be limited to the release of the tablet under its own brand. Rumors about the expansion of the product line hovered around Microsoft long ago, and then the media «inflated» news around this topic.

Why Nokia? Whenever we think of the one who in 2011 became the main partner of Microsoft in the promotion of Windows Phone mobile operating system, and the selection of the company for the purchase becomes apparent.

Microsoft & laquo; Sonnecting people & raquo ;. The absorption of the legendary Nokia

According to a press release with Nokia, Microsoft in the board will be a series of structural changes. Vice-president of the corporation will be the current CEO of Nokia Stephen Elop. As before, Elop in his new position will continue to be engaged in the development of mobile devices. In addition, the work will be transferred to Microsoft a few Nokia’s top managers.

Now, after the sale of its mobile business Nokia intends to focus on other areas. One of these areas will be the development of maps and navigation systems.

Despite the confidence in the success of Nokia leadership of the transaction, is there a chance for «Legends» regain its position, even if a part of the Microsoft, it is not clear.

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