Microsoft Word Flow may appear in Android

If you do not like the keyboard, which is now available on Android, you might want to know that Microsoft is preparing to release his keyboard on Google’s operating system. We are talking about the Word Flow, which is only available for devices based on Windows.

Microsoft Word Flow may appear in Android

According to the letter, which was tpravleno Microsoft for the selection of members of Windows Insider program, the company from Redmond is developing a keyboard for iOS and other platforms.

Almost certainly, under the “other platforms“ means Android. Unfortunately, it is not known exactly when Microsoft will be ready to release Word Flow on Android.

Word Flow – it swype-to-type keyboard, which is somewhat like SwiftKey – one of the most popular third-party keyboards, which is used on Android.

Keyboard from Microsoft may also suggest words and correct spelling errors. In April 2014, Word Flow was used to set the Guinness World Record for a set of text messages on the touch screen display. Since then, the record was broken Fleksy.

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