More than 30 companies equip their devices Snapdragon 820

This year was not very pleasant to Qualcomm, with its failure Snapdragon 810. Fortunately, the company’s future looks brighter, at least, according to the chairman of Qualcomm China Frank Mangum.

More than 30 companies equip their devices Snapdragon 820

According to a recent report, Qualcomm Snapdragon 820 will be the processor for more than 30 devices. This is certainly good news for companies that can give them the impetus for a successful return to the industry.

It is known that the novelty will be Qualcomm’s 64-bit processor having the Custom kernels Kryo. The chipset graphics processor will be integrated Adreno 530, as well as Hexagon 680. The processor will be made on 14nm FinFET process technology and can achieve a clock frequency of 2.2 GHz. All of this seems quite promising, although only time will tell how well it will work.

The report does not specify which companies will be Qualcomm’s customers, but we certainly can expect manufacturers such as Samsung, Sony, LG, Samsung, LeTV, ZTE, HTC and Oppo.

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