Moto X 4th Gen get fingerprint scanner

Even in 2011, Motorola ATRIX 4G got a fingerprint scanner, which also served as the power button. It was the first smartphone to have received such a function, even though these devices are not powerful enough to really take advantage of the technology.

Problems with the fingerprint scanner on the ATRIX, must have left the unpleasant impression of the Motorola, because until now there was not a smart phone with a scanner.

Today, a tweet from @ Ricciolo1 insider hinted that the fourth generation of Motorola Moto X will include a fingerprint scanner.

Previously, there was speculation this year that such a feature has been detected in the images of the third generation phone. But, as it turned out, that the current version of the Moto X has not received a biometric scanner.

Earlier today we showed you a picture that showed a fourth-generation Moto X heatpipe. The report added that we should see the launch of the next generation in the second quarter of 2016.

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