Motorola issued a statement about your brand

Not long ago, CEO of Motorola Mobility, Rick Osterloh, said that the parent company of Lenovo will produce a gradual abandonment of the Motorola brand, which creates uncertainty about the future of the company.

Motorola issued a statement about your brand

To reassure all supporters of Motorola, the company issued a statement on its official blog. According to a statement, Motorola Mobility, as the company continues to exist and retains a central role in the Lenovo mobile business, and as well as the remains at the head of engineering, design and manufacture of smartphones within the corporation.

However, the products will be presented to the Moto brand, in contrast from Motorola, as it sounds modern and at the same time associated with the traditional brand. The company logo also will not disappear and will continue to be actively used in marketing materials.

But at the same time the corporation Lenovo logo will be accompanied by new products and promotional materials, to remind consumers that the company is among the few manufacturers who can offer a complete experience in using technology, from smartphones and tablets to PCs.

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