Multi-in Android is already a reality

Google is at the conference Google I / O 2015 developer presented to develop a new version of mobile OS Android M, which found an undocumented feature.

Although the new version of the operating system in most cases will be polished Android Lollipop on a variety of errors, but still the platform of the future Android M has something to surprise us!

Since installing pre-release version Android M on your Nexus smartphone or tablet, in the developer menu item can be found responsible for mnogooknost. When it is activated, you will be able to simultaneously hold two open application windows on one screen and interact between them.

Multi-in Android is already a reality

At the moment the function is experimental in nature and has a lot of mistakes in the work, but closer to the release of OS Android M, which will take place around November this year, the multi will work as it should!

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