My Maps has received a long-awaited update

My Maps promises to be the best solution for planning trips, daily walks or trips and sharing personal road trips with friends. The app allows you to place markers, add comments and create layers for the individual experience.

My Maps has received a long-awaited update

And all this would be great, except that Google abandoned the development of applications. My Maps has not seen an update since the days bygone days in 2014, an incredible amount of time in the world of applications.

Some even thought that the My Maps will soon be forgotten, but it looks like Google is not going to stop the development of applications. This week, they rolled out the first update in nearly two years, and it was a real sensation.

My Maps application were revised completely from scratch. Changes include a user interface that looks outdated, and significantly improved performance.

Google has added a guide who will introduce new users with all the features of My Maps, and now you can view photos and videos uploaded to the Internet.

Getting directions for saved locations has become easier, and Street View has been expanded, as well as many other places. Updates appear in the Google Play store, so that users can upgrade now.

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