Name Android N can be selected online voting

While Google has talked about Android N, it is obviously too early to know the final name of the next major update of the operating system – because Google itself yet does not know him.

Name Android N can be selected online voting

Of course, we all hope that will be named Android N confectionery, as well as all previous versions of Android, starting with the 1.5 Cupcake. But Google will choose the final name?

Well, he can do something unusual and ask users to vote. More precisely, the executive director of Google’s Sundar Pichai, said recently that Android N name may be selected by the results of an online poll.

During a meeting with students in New Delhi, Pichai said that if Google really embody the idea for the online survey, the final name of Android N may eventually prove to be an Indian dessert. Popular names for possible Android N, known around the world, include Nougat, Nut Bread and Nutella.

Since Android N, which can get the number 6.1, most likely not come until the second half of 2016, Google is still a lot of time for a decision on its behalf.

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