New features S Pen Galaxy Note smartphone 5

Apart from the fact that S Pen can damage the Galaxy Note 5 by inserting it into the slot for the stylus pen down, it carries with it and a lot of useful features that were not in the same devayse in Note 4. I propose to immediately go through all the chips S Pen, which are now known.

New features S Pen Galaxy Note smartphone 5

Firstly, the new stylus is received clicks mechanism that makes the S Pen more similar to a pen. Of course, this assumes no practical function, however, the user will be able to click with the stylus, for example, while in thought.

As for the more useful features, then, firstly, the stylus can take notes on the screen is off Note 5. In this case, it is possible to save the created notes in the Memo application. On the screen is off, the user can also delete a record, the delete function is available.

S Pen is capable of doing long and screenshots in this feature helps him Scrolling Screenshot. This can be useful if the user needs to save the web page that does not fit on the screen.

Other features include everything that we could see in previous versions of the line devices Note. Features include Smart Select, Screen Write and customizable application shortcuts.

More information about these features, you can see in the video below.

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