New render LG V10 reveals details of a second display

LG has plans to release a device known as the V10, 1 October. Product is noteworthy is that the smartphone is rumored to get a second sub-display, which will be located above the ground. Until now, we had to wonder how it could look like in practice, but a new leak from @evleaks explains the situation.

New render LG V10 reveals details of a second display

In rendering shows a conventional display, however, in its upper part has a bar that is filled with icons. This so-called «ticker». Houses the camera shortcuts, contacts, gallery, messages and settings. It is expected that the ticker is customizable. There is also the possibility that different applications can use the ticker at its discretion.

It appears, the display is shifted to the right side of the smartphone, because on the left, has apparently two chambers. Perhaps this will allow make 3D-pictures, but this is just speculation. It seems that a lot of questions about this smart phone went unanswered, but we will try to get all the details next week.

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