New screenshots of Sony Android UI appeared on the network

Known manufacturers of Android-devices, such as Sony, Samsung and HTC have always offered their own user shell on top of the Android operating system. Sometimes they added useful features, but at the same time there were logs and interface phrases that spoils the impression about the device. However, Sony is going to fix it.

Swedish website Swedroid published screenshots of the future Sony user interface devices. It seems that the company decided to abandon the clutter of menu items for the benefit of simplicity and convenience. As we have seen, the variation UI from Sony almost exactly stock Android interface with a minimal addition of its own functionality and native applications, such as: Sony’s Album, Music, What’s New, and Xperia Lounge. The Sony owners will be able to get experience in using similar Nexus-devices without the need for custom firmware builds.

New screenshots of Sony Android UI appeared on the network

Further Sony plans about the new UI is not clear, but the rejection of the membranes, which only slows down the system, is undoubtedly a step forward. More familiar with screenshots below you can.

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