New smartphones Moto appeared in photos

One of the most iconic brands in the world of smartphones, Motorola, even after the purchase of Lenovo, continued to exist. It was not until last year, as Lenovo decided to terminate the activities of the American company as a brand, replacing the Motorola products called Moto by Lenovo.

New smartphones Moto appeared in photos

At the same time, the executive director of the Lenovo, Yang Yanqing county, said that soon they will present more innovative, more attractive smartphones on the new brand, and this will take place in July 2016.

New smartphones Moto appeared in photos

And now we have the opportunity to see images of early prototypes of smartphones, which are probably the Moto X and Moto G 2016.

Of course, we doubt that Lenovo would have allowed such a detailed leak. Even if liksteru and managed to get such a good frame, and these prototypes are those working on what the Motorola and Lenovo, it is unlikely that the final versions of the two smartphones will look exactly like the prototypes.

One particularly interesting feature, which can be seen – is that smartphones got a metal casing, and their design is somewhat similar to iPhone 5s.

Whatever it was, we need more information, so it remains only to wait for new leaks from insiders.

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