New Xiaomi Mi Note Pro overheats



Members of the flagship Chinese company had already run into problems in the operation of the device until the burnt motherboards.

Popular Chinese manufacturer Xiaomi smartphones this year released two flagship – Mi Note and Mi Note Pro. Last distinguished outstanding characteristics: the company together in PHABLET 4 GB of RAM and a cutting-edge eight-chip from Qualcomm – Snapdragon 810.

New Xiaomi Mi Note Pro overheats

However, it has become weak smartphone processor space. Snapdragon 810 previously criticized for the fact that he turns Soup on the stove, heating them to such an extent that the performance drops dramatically. Due to the tarnished reputation of chips from him, for example, declined by LG, designed equipping its new flagship – G4 – easier Snapdragon 808.

But this problem in other smartphones appear less and was not so critical. Judging by the reviews of users, Xiaomi Mi Note Pro overheating reached its apogee: it not only leads to the braking system, but also to burn circuit boards, get out of the system display and touch panel.

Till Xiaomi did not respond to user complaints, but it in any case will have to solve this problem, given flagship status Mi Note Pro.

But Qualcomm claims from your processor categorically denies, citing the example of smartphone models that work well on a chip Snapdragon 810. But while the company hurried to quickly present the new top processor. they will desyatiyaderny Snapdragon 818, which will compete MediaTek Helio X20.

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