Next Nexus can be produced Huawei

At CES 2016, Android Authority reporter interviewed Bill Plummer, vice president for external relations of the company Huawei.

Next Nexus can be produced Huawei

During the interview, Plummer outlined the company’s success over the previous year. They also discussed the pending issues in 2016, including questions about how the company is perceived by Americans and Huawei plans to conquer the segment of the Internet of things.

However, one of the most important information, which shared Plummer, information is the future structure of the Nexus. After the story about Honor 5X, Plummer will discuss cooperation in the development of the Nexus 6P and cooperation between the Chinese company and Google. Plummer hinted that the next Nexus-project can be made Huawei forces.

Besides Plummer spoke about the importance to remain flexible, because in the long run, users will be given the advantage of a more integrated wearable devices.

As a leader in mobile network infrastructure, Huawei is working on improving their 4G networks around the world and prepare themselves to make the inevitable leap to 5G.

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