Nextbit present & laquo; damn cool & raquo; Smartphone September 1

When starting a startup will release something «damn cool»You are likely to miss the information on deaf ears. But not in the case of Nextbit, as the company has managed to collaborate with on a fairly successful developer Cyanogen, and ranks among the former Nextbit  HTC Scott Kroyl chief designer.

Nextbit present & laquo; damn cool & raquo; Smartphone September 1

The company announced that it will introduce its first smartphone on 1 September and promises that it will be a bonus level devices cost from $ 300 to $ 400.

President Nextbit, Tom Moss said that the company is going to do «something else»Focused on improving the quality of software. Moss said that their smartphone will only improve over time, unlike other devices that suit a year later.

According to the president Nextbit, they are going to follow the example of Apple, for which the optimization is not an empty phrase. Nextbit also intends to remedy the situation with a small volume of the drive via «cloud» services.

Naturally, in addition to information about the presentation date, Nextbit company has not disclosed any details. But, given the statement by the head of the company, Nextbit child is at least interesting.

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