Nexus 5X got on GeekBench benchmark site

As it usually happens, the closer the official announcement of the long-awaited device, the more significant the leakage reach the network. Not long ago, LG Nexus 5X appeared in Listing Amazon India. Now it became known that the device appears in the synthetic test GeekBench Reaffirming smartphone specifications.

Nexus 5X got on GeekBench benchmark site

The test gave a rather unimpressive results: 1000 points in single-core and multi-core test in 2919. For comparison, Samsung Galaxy Note5 showed an average of about 1500 and 4500 points respectively.

This is most likely due to ligament 808 and Snapdragon 2 GB of RAM on board, even though LG G4, which has the same processor, but 1 GB RAM more shows are more interesting results.
Also, this result suggests that Android Marshmallow, which tested 5X, is not yet up to the end of the optimization.

Whatever it was, let’s hope that Google optimizes the operating system for comfortable use Nexus 5X.

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