Nexus 5X – obtaining root access, the installation of a custom rekaveri, unlock bootloader

Nexus 5X - obtaining root access, the installation of a custom rekaveri, unlock bootloader

Detailed instructions for root Nexus 5X, install TWRP Recovery on it and unlock the bootloader

Great news for everyone who has already bought a brand-new smartphone Nexus 5X, for those who have just decided to get innovative in all respects, the gadget, as well as for those who can not imagine how Android smartphone or tablet can function correctly without Root.

Thanks lodger XDA-Developers forum user with the nickname TheDj408, we are ready to offer sufficiently detailed instructions on obtaining a new Root smartphone Google Nexus 5X, in the course of simple manipulations you can install on the Nexus 5X rekaveri TWRP custom coupled with modified bootloader.

Even an inexperienced user Android, the process will not be too difficult. To get to Root Nexus 5X need to activate the device developer mode and enable debugging via USB, hereinafter the gadget you want to connect to a computer with a pre-installed program ADB Fastboot (alternatively, you can use ADB Console) and then perform a 2-3 team.

To fulfill all these manipulations, you necessarily need a zip file with SeperSU, TWRP image from rekaveri for Nexus 5X and a modified bootloader (download thread on XDA).

Important! In the process of unlocking the bootloader on the device and download all your data will be erased, Nexus 5X simply return to the factory settings, so you need to take care of the safety of existing memory devices of personal data.

Obtaining Root Nexus 5X – detailed step by step instructions

1. Unlock the Nexus 5X bootloader using the command fastboot oem unlock, to confirm the need to press the «yes», using the power button and the volume key.
2. Reboot the device, bypassing the configuration, since they will have to be re-entered.
3. Once again to restart the smartphone to the bootloader mode (Command adb reboot-bootloader), Then you need to flash the modified bootloader using the command fastboot flash boot imya_fayla_boot.img.
4. Once again hold reboot the device to make sure that the bootloader beg properly.
5. Again, restart the smartphone to the bootloader mode by using the command adb reboot-bootloader. Sew modified rekaveri.

To do this, use the command fastboot flash recovery imya_fayla_s_rekaveri.img.
6. Restart the device in re rekaveri, selecting the option «Allow modifications».
7. Move to the section Wipe, selecting «Format data».
8. Again reboot Nexus 5X, intentionally missing configuration options.
9. Make sure that the device does not include the settings for data encryption (-gt settings; -gt security, encrypt data).
10. Copy to the internal memory of the smartphone zip file SuperSU, continue to produce its reboot in rekaveri using TWRP installed on SuperSU smartphone.

The final stage – Reset the device taking into account the full range of relevant settings. As a result of this manipulation, you get root on the Nexus 5X.

Important! SuperSU need to run from the panel application, to allow him to update binary files across the network.

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