Nexus 6P did not pass the test of bending

A couple of weeks ago, JerryRigEverything made a video where they spent on the new Nexus 6p through a series of tests, including a glass-scratch test, thermal test for the display, and, finally, the bending test. The result of the outcome of the test was not a pleasant one.

Nexus 6P did not pass the test of bending

However, some users have questioned the plausibility of the video test method, as well as the authenticity of the smartphone. To stop speculation enthusiasts decided to make another video, specially dedicated to the bending test, with a completely new device.

Like last time, the smartphone was bent. The reason for this seems to have become weak points where the plastic is secured to aluminum. Fixture is easily broken, causing the display, which is also not attached additional funds fall

Therefore, in extreme situations, the smartphone will not be able to cope with pressure. In most situations, the device is unlikely to have to endure such a load, but other smartphones, including the iPhone 6c, coped with this test without any major problems, so that Huawei really need to do some work before they can compete with other brands in all respects.

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