Nexus July 2015 will not be released

Chairman of the Asus, Johnny Shih, gave an interview to Trusted Reviews, which explained why the Nexus has not been released in July 2014, and why it is not necessary to wait for Nexus July 2015.

Nexus July 2015 will not be released

As you probably remember, ASUS is working with Google, releasing 2-generation mini-tablet Nexus 7. The device combines quality, powerful at the time the hardware component of the latest version of Android and an affordable price.

Unfortunately, in 2014, Google refused to Nexus 7 and Nexus 10, Nexus combining them into 9 that was created by HTC. In 2015, the company announced the hybrid Pixel C, a cross between a tablet and a laptop. So, it seems, a new mini-tablet – it’s not something that Google has plans in the near future.

Johnny Shih confirmed that Asus, there are many joint projects with the search gashantom, but so far none of them has officially launched. “Companies are still working together”, – Said the chairman.

According to the chairman “the two companies were discussing a possible third-generation Nexus 7 is quite common, but they are not sure that the device will have sufficient capacity”.

As we all know, the user interest in tablets quickly falls. Consumers rarely buy new plates because they believe that they can make the most of their work on a smartphone or PC.

Tablets, especially the mini-size, used to watch movies or read books. Therefore, no need to buy a new device every 12 or 24 months.

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