Nokia’s Android?

Long ago, Nokia said about the plan «B»And there were rumors that the company He is working on a device with Android OS on board, but the rumors remained rumors until today.

How many people know and agree that Nokia was high time to release Android smartphone and go completely on this OS and forget about Windows Phone. How many people remember this fall but senyatbrya 3, it was announced that Microsoft buys Nokia and all the dreams of the smartphone on Android disappeared! And in vain! According to the site The Verge The Finnish company is apparently working on a device that many Android fans would like to see in the stores –  Nokia on Android.

Nokia's Android?

The project is code-named Normandy – The device reportedly is still in development. Possible launch of the smartphone will take place in 2014, although it is unclear whether or not this happen in Microsoft buying light.

Interestingly,» Normandy» not designed as a flagship device to withstand the model Galaxy S4 and HTC. On the contrary, this smartphone is owned affordable Asha series phones.

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