Nokia won a lawsuit from Samsung

Nokia has settled a long-standing patent dispute over wireless technology with Samsung, for $ 2.5 billion Although the Finnish company, whose current salary -. Technology licensing, investors remain unhappy.

Nokia won a lawsuit from Samsung

Nokia won a lawsuit from Samsung

Nokia’s share fell to 10% and the company is unable to meet the expectations of its patent portfolio, unlike its rival, Ericsson.

In addition, the patent division of Nokia (Samsung after payment) at an annual rate of about $ 866 million, and the company Ericsson (which has signed an agreement with Apple’s), has a sales volume of around about $ 1.3 billion.

Some investors have criticized Nokia and expressed surprise at the scale of the price movement. Therefore difficult to predict further price rise in the coming years.

In turn, Nokia hopes that their profits should increase, which will contribute to the ongoing dispute with LG. The company also expects to start negotiations on a new contract with Apple.

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