OnePlus 3 will be released in the second quarter of 2016

OnePlus – still young and small company, but she managed to make a name for itself by selling high-end smartphones, comparable with many flagships, at very reasonable prices. As you remember, the company released the One OnePlus OnePlus and 2, positioning them as “killers flagships”.

OnePlus 3 will be released in the second quarter of 2016

Although these smartphones were largely compromised, many customers bought them, and many others would have done it, if not invites system, initiated by the company.

At the end of last year released a smartphone OnePlus midrange, OnePlus X, along the way getting rid of his invitation system. In general, the manufacturer all goes well, but to which the company is preparing for this year? Of course, the new smartphone.

Recently OnePlus founder, Carl Pei, told CNET’s, the next flagship phone will be released at the end of the second quarter. It seems that the device will be called the OnePlus 3.

As reported, OnePlus will receive 3 «new design»So it should look a little different than the OnePlus 2. Carl Pei believes that the company will be able to surprise and «capture» Smartphone users OnePlus 3.

Carl Pei also said that OnePlus 3 will be offered at an improved buying process, although it is not clear what this means. He also said that this year the company will be important US market, which can promote the sale of OnePlus 3 using a traditional marketing strategy.

As for specifications, the company’s founder has not revealed details, but let’s hope that for them will be announced in the near future.

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