OnePlus presented a program to protect their smartphones

It seems, OnePlus decided to take a place in a growing list of smartphone manufacturers who have their own insurance plan.

OnePlus presented a program to protect their smartphones

Available for OnePlus OnePlus 2 and the X protection plan called OnePlus On-Guard is limited to customers from Europe, although the company’s official blog, it was announced that the new insurance program will soon be promoted worldwide.

Plan OnePlus On-Guard costs € 39.99 for 12 months or € 64.99 for 24 months protection devices and covers physical damage such as cracked screens, as well as getting into the water.

However, On-Guard does not apply to OnePlus 2, which were purchased before the announcement of the insurance system. The first smartphone OnePlus, OnePlus One, will not be supported at all.

OnePlus note that their new insurance program is not an attempt to make a profit. Instead, the young smartphone maker says, On-Guard – investment to improve customer service. Looking at the price, it is easy to notice that the insurance plan is cheaper than similar insurance programs from other manufacturers of smartphones.

For example, Nexus Protect Google’s worth $ 80 for a two-year insurance and each replacement clears protection plan.

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