OnePlus testing Android 6.0 for their devices

A few months ago, we first heard that OnePlus promises to update all their smartphones to Android 6.0. And now the company has announced that it will attract users smartfonv OnePlus beta testing new software.

OnePlus testing Android 6.0 for their devices

Apparently, the test assembly will initially run only on OnePlus 2, so the owners are probably a higher priority. Other requirements for a future beta tester include a willingness to update twice a week, while online at least 30 hours a week, the ability to send error reports and timely feedback. Also a plus is the experience of the beta firmware.

OnePlus All devices operate at different firmware. For example, OnePlus OnePlus X 2 and running Hydrogen OS and Oxygen OS. The first is designed for the Chinese market and is supplied, and the other is set to smart phones for the international market. In addition, both membranes are quite similar, since they are only embodiments of the same system. OnePlus One is running Cyanogen OS.

Thus One will receive the update Cyanogen OS (although it will be able to install their own OS Oxygen), and OnePlus OnePlus the X 2 and upgrade to the next version of the OS and Hydrogen Oxygen OS.

Does this mean that the OnePlus One will never get Hydrogen OS? Perhaps, but we know only a few months.

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