Online photo surfaced module LG G5

Now that LG G5 before the announcement remains less time in the number of smartphone news coming second only to unannounced Galaxy S7 and Galaxy S7 Edge. A few days ago we saw the potential real photos G5. Next leak showed us, as the flagship of LG may look like a bulky camera module.

Online photo surfaced module LG G5

It seems that there is no leak through. The network has another photo that shows us the battery module, which is sure to set in “Magic slot” G5.

And although he is not a smartphone, but is visible to myself only the battery, it is not difficult to imagine how it works. You can clearly see how it is written on the battery «LG G5»And what looks like a «Life is beautiful … Play more». The first phrase – is the motto of the company LG, and the second – this is the leitmotif of MWC 2016.

Unfortunately, the volume of the battery module is still unknown, but we have heard that it is the capacity to receive 3,000 mAh. In addition, the device is expected to get a 5.6-inch Quad HD-display, Snapdragon processor 820, dual camera module and a fully metal body.

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