Online rumors about LG G5

The announcement of LG G4 took almost 5 months now, so it’s time for the appearance of the G5 rumors. Not the first time we hear about the fact that the upcoming flagship may have new features – a few months ago there were rumors that LG plans to skip the fingerprint sensor and equip G5 retina scanner. Is this true – we still have to find out.

Online rumors about LG G5

Let us return to today’s hearings – reports say that the next flagship will be equipped with LG’s upcoming top-end chipset Qualcomm – Snapdragon 820. Of course, it sounds quite logical, since most A-brands are always inserted into its high-end flagship smartphone processors. Of course, LG G4 was an exception, as it was Snapdragon 808 instead of 810, but it is caused by all known causes.

In addition, rumors say that the G5 will have a 20-megapixel camera sensor width will be 0.5 inches and it will be built-to-order Sony.

The flagship of LG is 7 months from its forecasted announcement, so there is still much that can change during this time.

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