OpenSignal published a report fragmenttsii Android ecosystem

Android fragmentation is both a blessing and a curse for both users and developers alike. The latest report of the application OpenSignal It sheds light on a huge variety of Android devices, and traced some interesting trends on the market.

The report begins with bad news – Android is more fragmented than ever before. But it should not be so surprising, given the very wide range of devices available in the smartphone and tablet market.

OpenSignal published a report fragmenttsii Android ecosystem

The researchers found that over the past few months 24 093 different devices have downloaded their applications. For comparison: in OpenSignal received a number of 18796 units last year, and in 2013 there were only 11868. In two years, the number of devices has increased the widow and it’s amazing.

Galaxy Series from Samsung is still the most popular line of smartphones on the market, followed by LG’s flagship series with the G, behind him – Sony company and smart phones Xperia Z. Closes Series lead various smartphones Moto G line.

Samsung reserves the championship as a manufacturer of Android-devices and occupies 37.8% of the market, but this figure fell to 43% last year. You can also watch the build-up of production at  Smartphone manufacturers available such as Lenovo, Huawei, ASUS, Motorola, OPPO and Alcatel, all the expansions that take up more space on the Android device market.

However, the report indicated, not only the big brands, resulting in increased diversification. OpenSignal 1294 fixed the devices from different manufacturers, more than 1,000 of whom appeared not featured in the first report in 2012. For example, the company OnePlus, which is rapidly increasing pace of market conquest.

OpenSignal published a report fragmenttsii Android ecosystem

Of course, increasing the number of devices invariably leads to a wider range of hardware options. Studies indicate a growing range of large screen sizes available in the Android-ecosystem. The most popular are devices from 5 to 5.5 inches among smartphones and tablets among 7 inches.

The choice of 5-inch device supports the popularity of smartphones such as the line of Samsung Galaxy Note. Many consumers want a device that would perform the functions and phone and kompyuterv.

With regard to the various sensors, the Android ecosystem is dominated by motion sensors and a pedometer to help users monitor their health. Less useful sensors such as barometers and humidity sensors seems to be already on the way to extinction.

Another feature of the report is the increase in the popularity of a fingerprint scanner. The prize, in the past, the technology is increasingly spreading among devices in various price categories.

Turning to fragmenttsii Android operating system, Google recently released data indicated 18.1% stake owned by Android Lollipop. Android KitKat is still the most common version of a 39.3% market share.

The share of KitKat and Lollipop accounts 57.4 ecosystem Android, and now it is safe to say that more than half of smartphone and tablet have the current version of the OS «aboard».

OpenSignal published a report fragmenttsii Android ecosystem

Last news should be pleasant for developers, since the fragmentation of versions is the main obstacle in optimizing the application. Now, at least, developers can relax a little.

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