OPPO announced SmartSenor

Besides Super VOOC, OPPO demonstrated the proprietary technology of optical image stabilization, called SmartSenor. This is one of the first solutions OIS pixel level in the world.

OPPO announced SmartSenor

SmartSensor uses sensor-based 3-axis stabilizer, while the majority of lenses that are implemented in the flagship, built on the basis of 2-axle stabilizers.

SmartSensor takes only 15 milliseconds to reach «comprehensive» Image stabilization. According to their expertise, traditional lens-based stabilizers takes at least 50 milliseconds to react to the movement of the camera, which means that the technology OPPO approximately three times faster.

SmartSensor is also positioned as a more practical and bucking a wider range of motion technology.

Furthermore, the use SmartSensor significantly reduces power consumption. SmartSensor uses voltage-actuated sensor which reduces the power consumption of 10 milliwatts.

OPPO did not talk about what smartphones will get them the latest technology, but they can equip them to your future smartphone OPPO Find 9. And if this decision becomes popular, we can see the technology in all new flagship.

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