OPPO will present the new technology at MWC 2016

Just a couple of days left before the start of the annual Mobile World Congress, which takes place in Barcelona, ​​and it looks like we now know that the OPPO announced their own event at the expo.

OPPO will present the new technology at MWC 2016

According to reports, the OPPO plans to introduce the next generation of its popular technology VOOC fast charging.

Initially, VOOC technology made it possible in the shortest possible time to charge your smartphone for a long time. For example, OPPO with VOOC devices can be charged for two hours in call mode in just five minutes.

This year at the MWC 2016, the OPPO can introduce a new technology to move VOOC a whole new level – wireless fast charging VOOC.

Using the new technology smartphones can be recharged at the same rate as in the previous generation VOOC, but without the need for cables. All that is required – the device should be placed on board the wireless charging.

No details on the new company did not disclose the technology, so we just have to wait for the OPPO did not hold its press conference on 23 January.

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