Oracle once again revealed confidential information about Google

It has always been a lot of speculation about how much Google pays Apple’s, to enable its search services in iOS-device, and apparently, this figure is finally cleared.

Oracle once again revealed confidential information about Google

Information disclosed in the ongoing lawsuit between Oracle and Google has shown that in 2014 Apple search engine giant has paid the company $ 1 billion.

In the five-year case against Google over the use of Java technology, Oracle lawyers again revealed confidential information. Google is the biggest problem is that none of this information would not be represented in the trial.

This information was given to the lawyers to familiarize Oracle, and Google says that the disclosure of these agreements will entail dire consequences for their business. Apple feels the same way: both companies appealed to the judge to edit the Oracle lawyer’s application on the grounds that the information is strictly confidential.

Given that this is the second time Oracle disclose confidential Google information, we do not exclude the possibility that in the near future the network will emerge new information about Google’s activities.

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