Oukitel K4000 can split the 600 Walnut

Mobile phones are constantly replace each other. A new generation is coming to replace the old, new variations offer enhanced features. It seems that this trend has not bypassed attention «Nutcracker».

Oukitel K4000 can split the 600 Walnut

The new smartphone companies Oukitel – Oukitel K4000, starred in an unusual video in which the device is subjected to strength tests. In the first half of the video, the smartphone received a few hard blows with a hammer in the second  K4000 runned.

In both cases, the machine broke down and went to work. But that’s not all, the assurances of Oukitel, a smartphone can be split at least 600 walnuts.

Of course, this is not the Nokia 3310, the strength of which the legends, but Chinese manufacturers are steadily moving in the direction of the development of solid devices.

Another advantage is its battery K4000 volume – 4000 mAh. According to the company, due to this smartphone is able to work 3 days a heavy load mode.

In normal use, the phone can work 7 days without recharging. With such «killer-features done» Oukitel K4000 looks promising, but in order to make sure in this application, you need to check your smartphone in real life.

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