Outside OnePlus 2 declassified

Not so long ago we wrote, that the successor «killer champions» He appeared in benchmarks, but now we have the opportunity to look at his appearance.

Outside OnePlus 2 declassified

The website of the Chinese controller TENAA, which deals with the certification of electronic equipment, high-quality picture of the future of the smartphone have been published. As can be seen, OnePlus Two different from his brother last year a mechanical button «Home»Which also serves as a fingerprint scanner.

Due to various leaks and teasers manufacturer specifications of the machine are not a secret. The smartphone will have 810 Snapdragon processor, 5.7-inch FHD-display, 4GB RAM memory LPDDR-giving performance gains for the same energy consumption compared with LPDDR3, as well as support for two SIM-cards.

Officially, the price OnePlus is not announced, but OnePlus CEO Pete Lau in his Twitter-account confirmed that the cost of the new smartphone will be less than $ 450.

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