Overclock CPU frequency

Overclock CPU frequency

After buying a new smartphone or tablet you navryadli thought that the time will come and it will start to slow down video hang of the game, technical developments do not stand still, it’s time to consider increasing the clock frequency the processor of your Android smartphone. As an option to buy a new device . but it is unnecessary spending.

To be able to overclock the processor must Root have rights. About what other opportunities are root rights and why they . can be found in Another article. Search  Root on your smartphone, you can search through the site. 

Overclock the processor on Android

We need to disperse Antutu Cpu Master – program is available for free in google play market.
After the jump, and run the application in the main window, we see the sliders Max and Min, moving on max you improve performance, but reduce operating time battery I think it is quite logical. Moving the slider to the minimum  everything will happen vice versa. To play new demanding the game can put everything on maximum and then return back.

To save your time fix overclocked CPU frequency, putting daw "Set on boot" . now it does not fly off after a reboot. Do not raise frequency by more than 25%, otherwise there is a risk of overheating and death your device, in which case the repair will cost more than buying a new phone.

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