Overview fitness tracker Huawei Fit

Overview fitness tracker Huawei Fit

Last year, Huawei has entered the market of portable devices with the release of the Smart Watch, Huawei hours on Android Wear platform. They were quite expensive and not too different from other offerings on Android Wear, but look stylish, standing out among those of other models.

In 2016, Huawei is not ready to release the second generation of the clock, but it is interested in expanding the range of portable devices, products of other categories. Therefore, it was recently announced fitness tracker, received Huawei Fit name.

Buyers today have many options fitness trackers to choose from, including the installation of applications on smartphones, as well as individual devices, from the simplest to the most advanced. Can the Huawei to find the right balance of functionality, comfort and design, as well as the price to attract customers attention?

Now we learn.

Contents of delivery:

  1. Huawei Fit

  2. Micro-USB cable

  3. magnetic dock for recharging

  4. user guide

  5. the description guarantees and security

Design and weight Huawei Fit

With a slim metal body and Huawei Fit round screen does not look like a typical fitness tracker. Some users may prefer a more utilitarian appearance, but others like it, that wrist device looks like a classic watch.

Overview fitness tracker Huawei Fit

Overview fitness tracker Huawei Fit

Overview fitness tracker Huawei Fit

Overview fitness tracker Huawei Fit

The device is much easier than on Android Wear watches like Moto 360, and more in line with Pebble Time Round, but without such a large frame around. The model with a strap 18 mm and weighs 30 grams, it is thicker compared to the Pebble, the expense of which included some additional components, such as the scanner heartbeat.

The design stands out the lack of physical buttons, such as the mode dial, power button, etc. Reset button is part of the charging dock, but the tracker is nothing like that.

It relies on the interaction with the touch screen, swipe up or down opens up the option, pressing confirms their choice, swipe to the right opens the previous screen.

Overview fitness tracker Huawei Fit

Overview fitness tracker Huawei Fit

Overview fitness tracker Huawei Fit

The device is protected from moisture at a pressure of up to five atmospheres, and the developers expect that users will continuously wear Fit – during sleep, in the shower, etc. By that need to get used to and whether it is necessary at all, it is the big question.

Screen and visibility outdoors

Huawei Fit The screen is based on the black-and-white LCD panels resembling monochrome Pebble. The screen got its own video memory to save the image without constant CPU usage, which saves energy.

Overview fitness tracker Huawei Fit

Overview fitness tracker Huawei Fit

Overview fitness tracker Huawei Fit

This solution is one of the main advantages of Fit, but at the same time limiting. This screen has a positive effect on the battery life, charge the bracelet should be 1-2 times a week, not every day or two.

The reflective nature of the LCD means that the sun screen will be visible only better.

On the other hand, the visibility drops in low light (or the light source is in a bad angle), which tries to compensate for the Fit automatic backlight; light sensor built over the frame and determines when the backlight is needed. The software communicates with the sensors to activate lights and determines in which position the device is located, and that the user is not looking at the screen, so as not to waste energy unnecessarily.

Overview fitness tracker Huawei Fit

Overview fitness tracker Huawei Fit

Overview fitness tracker Huawei Fit

Screen size is 1.04 inches, resolution 208 x 208 pixels, which is smaller than some of the other models, but still enough to make the image does not split into squares.

As for the cons, monochrome screen has a problem with gray display. The interface tries to mix shades of gray, but it is not very good.

Font sometimes does not scale, line thickness is unstable. It can be considered a nagging, but little things can be the line between a well-made device and mediocre.

Initial setup and compatibility

The first step in setting up Huawei Fit is to install on the smartphone Huawei Wear app. Creating a connection with the Fit is a straightforward process performed within the application (no need to tinker with Android Bluetooth interface).

They answer simple questions about the message and the growth and the job is done.

Because the interface is limited in Fit, Huawei Wear app is the place watching fitness stories, check the charge level, load planning regimes. The application is compatible with Android from version KitKat.

There is a version for iOS, from version 8.0 and later.

Interface Huawei Fit

No keys have to constantly work with the touch screen. It is not difficult, but the program is often misunderstood gestures, especially taking swipe at a time.

Correct the error is not difficult, but it’s starting to get annoying.

Overview fitness tracker Huawei Fit

Overview fitness tracker Huawei Fit

Overview fitness tracker Huawei Fit

There is limited control of movement. Most of the time shestiosevoy motion sensor Fit enabled to detect the active use of the device.

When you raise your hand to look at the screen, the screen lights up and activates the additional UI elements, typically disconnected. For example, the first may be shown in hours and minutes, and when the arm is raised, the date added.

Waving your wrist, you can scroll through the menu functions: start exercises, verification steps, heart rate measurement, job training plan, viewing more options and check message notifications. But we need to press them (not counting the heartbeat) to access these options, so that the management of a limited no hands here.

When connecting to a smartphone Huawei Fit notifies you of incoming calls. Take them on a fitness tracker you can not (there is no speaker and microphone), but you can reject.

You can choose which applications from a smartphone have the right to send the notice.

Health and exercise

Huawei gives users multiple ways to measure their activity and achieve their fitness goals. One of the simplest tools is counter steps, the app encourages them to do no less than 10,000 a day, but it is possible to set the value.

Simple round screen allows you to see at a glance information on the progress of the day.

Monitoring heart rate and allows you to quickly see the current level of fitness, the default Fit periodically holds and displays the measurement results. You can set the alarm not to overextend yourself when heart rate is close to dangerous heights.

Overview fitness tracker Huawei Fit

Overview fitness tracker Huawei Fit

Overview fitness tracker Huawei Fit

The main exercise modes allow you to choose from several types of activity: running, walking, biking, swimming and running on a treadmill. You must select the appropriate option swipe and tap the screen, go countdown 3, 2, 1 shows the basic statistics, such as elapsed time, calories burned, distance traveled.

Top displays a heartbeat.

You can at any time to put exercise on pause and then continue or stop completely, and get an overview of the statistics of the last session. The next time you start the former regime will be quick selection.

There is a training mode, which is designed to help gain physical shape. Select the length of training and Huawei Wear establishes a weekly mode.

You can exercise alone or with the tracker with the connected smartphone.

Huawei Fit Autonomy

Huawei Fit is tiny by the standards of the smart watch battery capacity of 80 mAh. However, with its low load and at the expense of the memory LCD Fit Screen able to lend without charge for several days.

Huawei said the six days of operation between charges.

Charging performs magnetic docking station equipped with four spring contacts. The polarity of the magnets does not allow to install the device upside down. Next to the power supply connects the provided micro-USB cable.

Charging time promised at least two hours.

The disadvantage is the difficulty of tracking the level of remaining charge. The only indicator on the clock itself – a small icon in the drawer, but there level can only understand about.

The screen showed enough space for a large display with marks half a quarter charge, etc., or you can display numbers, but Huawei chose simplicity at the expense of accuracy.


Fit Huawei estimates of $ 130, there are two straps size, 20 mm and 18 mm. At any time, one can be removed and put the other, you can select the color of your choice, do trackers are available in black and silver versions.

This price corresponds to the cost of the Pebble 2, where there are additional components such as a microphone and a rich software capabilities. Slightly more expensive cost Samsung Gear Fit 2 and Fitbit Charge 2, but only $ 20, but at the Gear Fit 2 has GPS.

For those wishing to get a simple fitness tracker with a good running time and visible in all conditions Huawei Fit screen can be an attractive option. I would like to touch interface worked better, the software has been more saturated with additional options and settings support functions locally without a connection with your smartphone.

I would also like to see the price lower for better competition with similar and even more functional device. For $ 100 for the purchase of Huawei Fit decide it would be easier.

Pros Huawei Fit

  • Runtime

  • The screen with good visibility

  • Convenience

  • Attractive design in the style of hours

  • Protection against water

Cons Huawei Fit

  • Touch controls are not the most accurate

  • A limited number of interactions

  • Appendix companion Huawei Wear no different intuitiveness

  • There trackers more functional for about the same price

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