Oxygen OS 2: 8 cool features software for OnePlus 2

Since Cyanogen OS began to cooperate with Microsoft, the company decided to use Android OnePlus with a shell of its own production. OS Oxygen is largely «naked» Android 5.1.1, but it has some interesting features that we consider.

Most innovations relate to customization, and some of them are so useful that it makes you wonder why other manufacturers still do not use them. There are smaller changes to rectify minor defects, but not so much.

Setting the navigation buttons

Oxygen OS 2: 8 cool features software for OnePlus 2

One Plus 2 has three capacitive buttons, the average of which performs more and function of the fingerprint scanner. Left and right are depicted in the form of dashes. The user has the possibility to appoint an additional effect on the double, and long press each button, or completely disable the navigation functionality by selecting onscreen buttons instead, as in the Nexus. Thus, you can set the camera to start double-click the middle mouse button, as in the Galaxy S6. Here is the complete list of features that can be assigned:

  • Open / Close menu
  • Recent apps
  • search assistant
  • Turn off the screen
  • Open the camera app
  • Voice search
  • Open recently launched application
  • Open «Shelves»

On the last function will talk more


Shelves – a brand new section, which is the home panel for frequently used applications and contacts, which can be easily accessed. Section is in beta state, so that further functionality will be expanded. If you do not appreciate this innovation, you can get rid of it by turning off in the settings.

Full unlock

The fingerprint scanner in OnePlus 2 works even faster than the competition, but in OS Oxygen have the opportunity to unlock the device, bypassing the lock screen.

icon Sets

Android is an open operating system, giving the user unlimited possibilities to customize the appearance. OS Oxygen gone further, providing an opportunity to change the application icons, so that they changed all the menu. Initially, 3 sets available to the user that it can change at any time.

Dark theme.

Google announced in the Android M theme that changes light colors in the settings menu, but the shell of OnePlus is already available.

Support for gestures.

OnePlus 2 supports gestures launch applications from the lock screen. The user can draw a letter on the lock screen «C» to activate the camera or «V» to turn on the flashlight. During music playback, you can draw two parallel lines to pause.

The change in emphasis

Material Design The idea is that in it there is clear separation between the background and the text. The text of sections and settings icons are called accents, and OS Oxygen users can change their color to your liking.

Oxygen OS 2: 8 cool features software for OnePlus 2

Customization LED-display.

Finally, OnePlus 2 allows you to customize the color of the LED notification. For example, you can set the red notice for missed calls, with blue for missed messages, and now you will not have confusion when the indicator is flashing.

Oxygen OS 2: 8 cool features software for OnePlus 2

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