Password on the Android Lollipop lock screen can be hacked

We all want to be sure that the password protection on the lock screen will keep our data safe. At least it should make thieves perform a factory reset, thus remove all personal information from the stable. However, this is not always the case. As with any other operating system, Android has its drawbacks, and the guys from the University of Texas have found a pretty nasty bug that can give anyone access to these devices.

Password on the Android Lollipop lock screen can be hacked

An attacker does not need to encode or software, it is not necessarily to be experienced hacker.

The idea is to heavily load the buffer device by inserting a large number of characters in the input string password. In addition, the need to open the camera application, and telephone to permanently «finish» protection devices.

The video demonstrated the process of this simple process.

The good news is that the method only affects devices running Android Lollipop. In addition, an attacker must have access to the device for a few minutes.

Large manufacturers are already aware of the vulnerability and its elimination busy. Nexus-device also not affected by this hack.

We, in turn, recommend you to use a graphical password, as long as this issue is resolved.

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