Plunging into the Android N: accelerated optimization applications

If you have installed on your Android N the Nexus, it will likely have noticed the change right after loading the operating system.

Plunging into the Android N: accelerated optimization applications

With the upgrade stage of optimization applications after installation in N passes in a few minutes, and this was made possible thanks to an improved embodiment of the ART – fast enough to Android is no longer detain you after a reboot or an update.

For the first time we met a long time optimization applications, when Android Lollipop moved from Dalvik to ART. Although the Dalvik virtual machine processes the code faster (but only the one that executed at the current time), ART handles all application code, which reduces lag and freezes while you work.

However, along with the benefits of ART environment had to sacrifice time, installation and optimization of applications, which have grown significantly.

Android N, in turn, offers a fast-track installation of the application. Improved JIT-compiler Android N application processes faster and now even larger applications can be installed in a matter of seconds after the data is loaded.

So not far off the hour when we will be able to say goodbye to the expectation of the application after downloading updates for ever.

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