Plunging into the Android N: download manager

Plunging into the Android N: download manager

If you often download files to Android, you should know that the standard download manager does not have the broad functionality. Regardless of the application, with which the loader has been activated, you just get a notice that shows the download progress.

Plunging into the Android N: download manager

Referring to the notification you will pass the boot manager where you can see the downloaded files. Long press on any item activates the shortcut menu where you can delete the file at the same time to cancel the download. A main menu has choices all downloads and copying of files.

The Android N download manager has been improved. If you open a notice of the download, you can find the button «cancellation». On the other hand, pressing the notification does not do anything, which is a step back, but most likely this will be fixed in future versions.

If you manually open the download manager, you get a list of downloads, where most of the features are the same, but there are new items related to changes in the file manager Android N.

Of course, adding a new button in the notification is the perfect solution, but it would be great if the next version we received the pause button and restore download.

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