Plunging into the Android N: drag and drop text

Now, when Android N Developer’s Preview officially available, we found a lot of different tweaks and improvements, in particular, a higher level of multi-tasking, namely, the split screen. And we continue to find new features.

Plunging into the Android N: drag and drop text

Now, Android N allows the use of multi-mode on all devices. And the last feature may be found useful for those who want to quickly share information with a web page. While in the user resides in a split-screen mode, it is possible to drag and drop text from one window to another.

Of course, you can just select the text and then click on the pop-up menu “copy” and then insert it into the desired application, but is a faster approach, because when text is selected, you can hold down the field, and then drag the text to another window and place it there.

As long as the function does not have good responsiveness and it is unclear how widely it can be used. For example, if it works with all applications. However, this is just a Developer’s Preview, and it is expected that it will be more stable over time.

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