Plunging into the Android N: function Direct Boot

Plunging into the Android N: function Direct Boot

While encryption is not what was originally proposed in Android, it is quite a useful feature if you prefer a little more security and privacy of your smartphone or tablet is lost or stolen devices. The only problem with encrypted devices consists in the fact that it takes some time to decode the data before loading device.

Plunging into the Android N: function Direct Boot

Consequently, in the event of a reboot, even if it was of a random nature, the device will also decrypt the data, which makes the device unavailable function. Because of this will not be available alarms, notifications and the like, while the data on the device will not be transcribed.

If you are one of those who rely on their smartphone or tablet to wake up at the right time, and your device has rebooted, you can skip your alarm, or, for example important phone call, which was expected.

But with Android N Google the company is introducing a new feature called Direct Boot, which allows access to notifications for e-mail, voice calls and other applications even during the data decryption.

It is worth noting that although it is built-in Android N, in fact, the application will not have this opportunity by default. Developers will need to include the necessary functionality into their applications that will allow the system to receive and send a limited amount of data available to users before the data on the device will be fully deciphered.

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