Porsche abandoned the Android Auto for data collection

If you’re using Android-smartphone or tablet, or use any other Google product, then you already know that the company from Mountain View collects data. For some people, this fact does not cause problems for others – on the contrary. And, as it turns out, this is the main reason why Porsche decided to give up Android Auto in favor of Apple CarPlay.

Porsche abandoned the Android Auto for data collection

This was reported by Motor Trend, the American car magazine. According to him, Porsche chose CarPlay from Apple instead of Android Auto, because Google will collect too much information about the automakers with your head unit.

It is obvious that the automaker would not feel comfortable when the other company will spy on him. Google responded that relate to privacy very seriously and do not collect data on the car, such as throttle position, oil temperature and coolant temperature.

Collection of information focused on is to improve the user experience, for example to provide more accurate navigation with a GPS car.

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