Possible Galaxy S7 Active appeared on Zauba

Possible Galaxy S7 Active appeared on Zauba

Just last month, Samsung unveiled its new flagship smartphone – Galaxy S7 and Galaxy S7 Edge – at the Mobile World Congress in Barcelona. Both smartphones have received a decent reception from both critics as well as from consumers.

Possible Galaxy S7 Active appeared on Zauba

And despite the fact that the flagship duo there is not a long time, Samsung, apparently, is already planning to release another smartphone that, knowing the tendency of companies to launch many successful models of each device may be another variation of the Galaxy S7.

According to a recent listing on the Indian site Zauba, which tracks import and export, a new device with the model number SM-G891A were imported into the country, apparently for the purpose of testing.

As long as the listing does not say much, but we know that the device comes with a 5.1-inch display and is evaluated at $ 360. Of course, the pricing seems too low for a premium smartphone, but it’s just the price of the insured unit and it significantly increases at the retail level through taxes and margins of distributors and retailers.

In any case, the last letter in the model name may seem like a hint that the device is imported into India, is a Galaxy S7 Active, as suggested by an insider @evleaks, add this information. Of course, this proposal is still in the field of speculation, but it will be really interesting to know that Samsung is actually prepared.

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