Profit Samsung’s mobile division may be reduced

Samsung introduced four high-end smartphone that looks appealing and would have a good performance. However, despite the fact that the flagship line is quite popular, the company’s profits can be affected negatively.

Profit Samsung's mobile division may be reduced

TrendForce predicts that by the end of this year, Samsung plans to sell 100 million smartphones more than its main competitor Apple. But the proportion of products on the market could still fall to 20% this year.

Mobile Technology Division Samsung reached 39% of the operating profit for the first nine months of this year. For comparison, in 2013 the figure was 68%.

This year, we can see the smallest contribution to profit from mobile units since 2010. Although the company’s sales are growing, it is becoming possible thanks to smartphones, the middle and lower price range, such as a series of Galaxy J.

According to former executives and employees of Samsung, the technology giant is a problem that the company is more concerned about the short-term sale of equipment than keeping their clients in the long term with a unique software platform.

Analysts say that without the software, nothing will deter customers from buying smartphones from other manufacturers.

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