Project Ara device tested in GFXbench

Remember Project Ara – the idea of ​​creating a modular smartphone with hot-swappable components? The idea that once appeared frequently in the news, virtually ceased to be covered in the media space. Today, however, the application showed GFXbench Ara device which takes the form of Full HD-tablet.

Project Ara device tested in GFXbench

The concept of modular mobile device is quite attractive for several reasons. Each year, the owners of smartphones are spending their money on a new model, but, at best, minimal changes in smartphones.

Project Ara device tested in GFXbench

With Project Ara, the user will be able to go get a new processor or camera component as easily as a microSD card, and in the future to upgrade the same basic block a few times.

Most likely, we will see the first commercial Ara project this year. The team working on modular devices, recently pointed out on Twitter, that their first device to debut in 2016, and if it really be true, we are almost sure that we learn about it at the conference Google I / O 2016, which will be held in late May.

With regard to the listing of the benchmark, then the device has a 13.8-inch display with a resolution of 1920×1080 pixels. Responsible for the performance eight-processor Qualcomm Snapdragon 810 SoC, which has caused controversy in the past year due to reported problems with overheating.

In the future, something like Project Ara, bad processor can also be easily replaced, like screen protector, so is not really so important specification.

Model Google Project Ara (A8A01) works on running Android 6.0 operating system. There is no certainty that such a device ever to be released, but the fact that Google does not leave me the idea is encouraging.

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