Project Ara Google will continue to work after restructuring

Project Ara – the most famous legacy remaining from Motorola. In addition, Google has received an impressive number of patents Motorola, but this project is the most ambitious. Until now it was not known how the restructuring will affect Google’s Project Ara. But August 12 Twitter Account project alive and continues to be active.

Project Ara Google will continue to work after restructuring

If the first two tweets in a long silence while carrying information that the project is alive, the next carry on the work of Project Ara after the restructuring.

To begin with, all interested in the project, users can not worry, because even after the restructuring of Project Ara continues. Secondly, the tweets that came out on Thursday hinted at a change, the starting place of sale.

Project Ara had to sell its first modular mobile phone, Spiral 2 in Puerto Rico at the end of this year. But, according to reports on Twitter, modular smartphone is likely to debut in the other place.

Project Ara also said that next week we expect a lot of updates. It is unclear about any updates in question, but that remains to wait until next week to find out what to cook Project Ara.

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